Marked by Covid
June 14, 2021

June 3, 2021, marked the one year anniversary of my Gpa Bill's death. He had Covid-19 as well as kidney and heart failure when he died. Reflecting on this loss, I remember the chaos and heartache of planning his Zoom Memorial. It was a disorienting time - I was afraid other family members who were still sick with Covid could die, I had just left my job of 11 years, I was participating in protests in support of BLM, and Los Angeles was under a citywide curfew. I can see clearly now that my grandpa's humor, devotion to service, and insight on my "special skills" were all helping me process this turning point, directing me towards the work I am doing now. Necessity is the mother of invention, after all :)

My family is plans to honor him and my grandmother, who died January 6, 2021, at an IRL memorial in September. I cannot even begin to imagine the wisdom these beloved ancestors will have shared with me by then! Thank you, time, for helping to heal my heart. Thank you, Gpa, for all the love, gifts, and dorky dad jokes you shared with me. It is my goal to continue to be guided by your love <3

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