Harnessing the transformative power of grief for good

The Good Grief Doula provides services to support healing and inspire creativity around grief, death, and dying <3

Whether curiosity, chronic illness, or a terminal diagnosis has brought you here, I aim meet you where you are and support your exploration of grief. Together, we may laugh or cry; most likely, we’ll do a befuddling mix of the two. Wherever the path takes us, Good Grief is here to lighten the load and brighten your way!

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“Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and rightdoing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

Grieving sucks. It is challenging, heartbreaking work.

But what if grief were also an opportunity to embrace self-acceptance, experience creative inspiration, and make space for laughter?

What might life look like if an awareness of death empowered us to reevaluate our relationship to our belongings and ourselves?

After grief asks us to bear witness to our pain, it can be an invitation to rediscover the past, celebrate the present, and prepare for a more meaningful future.

Grief doesn’t follow a schedule - but I do!
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Key Takeaways from "The Gentle Art of Swedish Death Cleaning" by Margareta Magnusson

Get organized for end-of-life and every day living
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The Art of Gathering

How We Meet and Why It Matters | Whenever we gather - whether it's a work meeting, celebrating a birthday, officiating a wedding, or honoring a life - we enter into a shared space that has the potential to be full of meaning and memory. So why do so many meetings feel like a waste of time? Why are some gatherings tedious when they're "supposed" to be fun?
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Marked by Covid

June 3, 2021, marked the one year anniversary of my Gpa Bill's death. He had Covid-19 as well as kidney and heart failure when he died. Reflecting on this loss, I remember the chaos and heartache of planning his Zoom Memorial. It was a disorienting time -
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The 6 D's of Death Planning

End-of-Life planning can begin at retirement or upon receiving a terminal diagnosis, but what are you waiting for? It is so much less stressful to review options and start getting affairs in order well in advance...
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Processing Grief through Music: The "In the Valley" Story

When my dad was sick with Frontotemporal Degeneration, I would fly back and forth between my family in Cleveland, and my home in Los Angeles as often as I could. Losing someone to bvFTD and ALS is surreal...
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My dear friend Julie Roxanne recently introduced me to Blursday, the day of the week we have been living in for the past year as we have isolated and worked from home to survive a pandemic...
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Good Grief believes:

Humor is an essential tool

Expressions of grief can be a healthy part of everyday living

Everyone already has the capacity to provide good care for themselves and their loved ones

It is vital to invest in access and provide peer support services at sliding scale

kat primeau
Owner & Creator

Kat is an artist who credits her relationship with grief for helping to discover deeper relationships, more transcendent beauty, and lasting feelings of joie de vivre. She believes the way a person dies can teach us a lot about how they’ve lived and aspires to die consciously, with a combination talent show/pizza party at her deathbed. Her career has been full of improvisation, and following a series of impactful losses, she is directing her creative energies to addressing the epidemic of grief in the wake of Covid-19. Her goal is to spark conversation as the "Good Grief Doula" and empower individuals as they address the inevitable with courage, creativity, and care.