New podcast interview - Good Grief Doula on griefsense pod!
June 4, 2024

I’m honored to share my interview on "griefsense" podcast! Chatting with Mimi was like connecting with a dear old friend - she facilitated a conversation full joy and vulnerability.

Together, we discuss:

- Why my grandparents encouraged my path to end-of-life service

- How the TV show "Dope Sick" brought new compassion to an old grief

Our shared insights as serial grievers

- How we can use creativity and especially music as an outlet for grief release

“griefsense is a podcast that holds space for dialogue around loss and confronting mortality through the lens of social justice, creative expression, and what it means to channel our grief to be present in life— tapping into our inner #griefsense in the process”

Tune in to discover how embracing grief can lead to unexpected gifts of inspiration and resilience:

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