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The Exit Interview

aka End of Life Planning

Each death is as unique as the individual experiencing it. While there is no avoiding the final outcome, taking time to get clear on what a “good death” means to you will allow you to make meaningful plans and reduce anxiety for yourself and those you leave behind.

Together we’ll reflect, discuss, and begin to document your personal values, beliefs, and wishes for end-of-life and after death. From medical care to wrapping up affairs, you’ll leave more prepared to make a graceful exit, and maybe even have a little fun! This is the most singular conversation of your life - why not have it now, with you End-of-Life Specialist friend Kat?

Professional Organizing & Swedish Death Cleaning:

Are you moving into a care facility and need to downsize? Have you inherited more than you can handle? Whether you’re packing your bags for your final destination (often referred to as Swedish Death Cleaning or “döstädning”), or addressing the belongings of the deceased, you deserve a helping hand who understands.

We’ll explore systems of sustainable organization and consider your current needs. We may collaborate on a legacy project or artful gifting process, finding opportunities to part with personal objects as an extended celebration of life! Together we’ll honor earthly belongings and find ways to leave a lighter footprint.

Memorials & Immersive Ritual Event Planning

Let’s talk logistics for the celebration of a Lifetime!

Good Grief can help plan a Zoom memorial, gracefully host your special ceremony, or create a bespoke ritual just for you. The sky's the limit when it comes to making memories, continuing connections, and building bridges with Loved Ones after death. Let's make grief suck a little bit less by creating something incredible!

Good Grief has experience with flash mobs, songwriting and recording, video tributes, workshops, sensory immersions, travel itineraries, performances and creations of all shapes and sizes. Here's some inspired ideas we're eager to try:

- Recording a Life Review podcast to publish with an obituary
- Performing a water ballet on the Deathaversary of a loved one
- Sending a sweetheart snail mail, post mortem
- Booking a live act for your Deathbed (magic, anyone?)
- Hosting a themed Living Funeral, with costumes and a photoshoot!

Last Wish Bitch

aka Sitting Vigil

The Good Grief Doula can also be your Last Wish Bitch™, providing emotional support and companionship at the end of life. It is an honor to provide respite for caregivers and tend to the non-medical needs of the dying. Allow yourself a discrete extra set of eyes and ears at the bedside, with the flexibility to run errands or lend a hand around the house.

Community Events

Death Cafes are amazing, FREE, near-daily events where you are welcome to discuss death in community with others. Check out upcoming Death Cafes from around the world here.

Circle is a co-created safe and sacred space where we can practice bearing witness to ourselves and others. This healing experience allows us to feel heard and held as we honor some of the Big Emotions we face when we are caregiving or confronting our own mortality.

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ReHAHAbilitation is the experimental practice of mindfulness, somatic awareness, Laughter Yoga, clowning, and improvisation to inspire catharsis and well-being. Engaging in purposeful humor is a natural part of any healing equation and an essential tool for validating, normalizing, and processing feelings of grief and anxiety. Join in the fun, no experience required!

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Death Positivity & Education

Americans are notorious for being a death-phobic society but that is changing. Many of us are out here spreading Death Positivity - and you can too! Allow Good Grief to provide resources and education so that death becomes less of a rumor and more of an empowered action. Reach out to schedule a Good Grief presentation for your organization, and learn more on our blog or Instagram.

I’m kinda awesome, but if I’m not capable of providing you with the support you require, I’d be happy to refer you to someone else. To schedule a free consultation, please reach out.