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In the ups and downs of life transitions, Good Grief Doula stands as a constant companion, offering education, peer support, and creativity when it is most needed. When you're ready to move forward, wander over to our Support Packages page – and discover how you may harness the transformative power of grief for good.

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One-on-one Grief Support

Bereavement can be an isolating experience, but it doesn’t have to be. As a Certified Grief Educator and End-of-Life Specialist, Kat is trained to provide peer support while addressing and honoring the myriad emotions and expressions of grief.

In one-on-one grief support, we attend to the six needs of grieving (as developed by David Kessler): To have your pain witnessed, To express your feelings, To release the burden of guilt, To be free of old wounds, To integrate the pain and the love, and To find meaning in life after loss. 

It is never too late to address a loss, and no grief is too big or small to warrant exploration and integration. One-on-one grief support is an accessible alternative mental health service which can be done independently of, or as a complement to, your existing mental health practices.

Good Grief holds space for any type of loss; specific areas of experience include parent loss, anticipatory loss, dementia, chronic illness, disability, pregnancy loss, abortion, pet loss, death by suicide, death by overdose, multiple losses, and loss due to Covid-19.

Memorials, Rituals & Other Consultation Services

Let’s talk logistics for the biggest events of your lifetime! 

Allow Good Grief to assist with ritual creation, event planning, and event hosting. Together we’ll reflect on your values, beliefs, and wishes and come up with a plan that honors your unique experiences. Build bridges with deceased loved ones using creativity and bespoke grief integrations.

This service is especially appropriate for folks who are planning weddings, vigils, celebrations of life, funerals, living funerals, burials, ash spreading, and Zoom memorials.

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Professional Organizing & Swedish Death Cleaning:

Do you need to downsize? Have you inherited more than you can handle? Whether you’re packing your bags for your final destination (often referred to as Swedish Death Cleaning or “döstädning”), or addressing the belongings of the deceased, you deserve a helping hand who understands.

We’ll explore systems of sustainable organization and consider your current needs, whether you are Death cleaning (pre-need service) or grief cleaning (after a loved ones death). We may collaborate on a legacy project or artful gifting process, finding opportunities to part with personal objects as an extended celebration of life! Together we’ll honor earthly belongings and find ways to leave a lighter footprint.

Last Wish Bitch

aka Sitting Vigil

The Good Grief Doula can also be your Last Wish Bitch™, providing emotional support, music curation, and gentle companionship at the end of life. It is an honor to provide respite for caregivers and tend to the non-medical needs of the dying. Allow yourself a discreet extra set of eyes and ears at the bedside, with the flexibility to run errands and provide comforting presence for your constellation of loved ones.

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Death Positivity & Education

Americans are notorious for being a death-phobic society but that is changing. Many of us are out here spreading Death Positivity - and you can too! Allow Good Grief to provide resources and education so that death becomes less of a rumor and more of an empowered action. Reach out to schedule a Good Grief presentation for your organization, join the mailing list to hear about upcoming community events, and learn more via the Good Grief blog or Instagram.

What you may expect from me:

As a grief doula, I am a companion who assists with the preparation for and experiencing of grief, death, and end-of-life for all beings. I am trained and certified to provide holistic, personalized, non-medical care, emotional support, and guidance so you and your constellation can make informed decisions. While I do not have all the answers, I am committed to consistently showing up for you and helping you along your way.

As the Good Grief Doula, I vow to:
· Be a neutral, non-judgmental sounding board for you
· Encourage humor and creativity, always
· Advocate for your priorities, decisions, and spiritual goals
· Collaborate with other care providers as needed
· Follow the relevant laws for the state of CA, where I practice
· Always keep your personal information confidential and secure
· Participate in ongoing professional education · Practice adequate self-care

What you may NOT expect from me:
I am not a home health aide and therefore am not able to provide medical care, assistance with medications, bathing, toileting, feeding, etc. I am not a lawyer or financial advisor. At times, you will need to complete documents which are legally binding with a properly licensed professional entity. I am also not a licensed mental health provider.

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Grief Support Packages

Discover a curated selection of grief support packages, available for immediate purchase. Together, we’ll attune to the tempo of your unique grief and self-care needs, empowering you to experience creativity and catharsis as you provide intuitive care for yourself and others. Explore opportunities for growth through grief with just a click.


I’m kinda awesome, but if I’m not capable of providing you with the support you require, I’d be happy to refer you to someone else. To schedule a free consultation, please reach out.