Pre-Father’s Day Grief Release - June 2 in Los Angeles
April 19, 2024

This workshop is designed to help make grief around Father’s Day a little bit easier. Join Postal Service for the Dead and Good Grief Doula for gently-guided, lighthearted grief practices for navigating the holiday. 

This two-hour workshop will begin with play, movement, and Laughter Yoga, continue to visual art-making, and end with a letter-writing ritual. Participants will connect with embodied play and the expressive arts as tools for approaching grief and experiencing catharsis. No prior comedy, performance, or artmaking experience required! 

If you’ve experienced father loss, estrangement, loss of father figure(s), loss of identity due to child loss or infertility, or anticipatory grief as Father’s Day approaches, this workshop is for you! While we each have unique stories around loss and grief, we can all share in the common language of laughter and healing community.

Learn more and register here:

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