Untangling Grief - a Guided Meditation
March 7, 2024

Untangling and Releasing Grief is a 17-minute guided meditation designed to gently guide you through the process of untangling the complex web of emotions associated with grief. May this meditation be a compassionate exploration of your emotions, creating spaciousness within to foster release and experience catharsis.

In the meditation, you'll visualize the emotions as distinct threads, each representing a unique aspect of your grief. With each breath, you'll be guided to untangle the threads of sadness, anger, guilt, and longing, gently unraveling the emotional knots that may have taken root within you.

I invite you to take a moment to honor your emotions and recognize the strength it takes to navigate grief. As you emerge from this guided meditation, may you carry this healing energy forward, impacting all who cross your path.

YOU are a good grief doula when you take time to check in with yourself and your grief - if only for a moment.

Music by Christopher Sousa

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