Extra Good Grief Release

$ 650.00 

The Extra Good Grief Release package provides the most holistic, enduring support for grievers. Together, we’ll experience innate creativity as we attend to the needs of the grieving: having your pain witnessed, expressing your feelings, releasing the burden of guilt, being free of old wounds, integrating pain and love, and finding meaning in life after loss. 

In addition to up to eight (8) x 60-minute Zoom sessions within 120 days, the Extra Good Grief Release package provides creative guidance and support for generating your own grief ritual. Through reflection, creative exploration, and gentle guidance, Good Grief Doula will support you in creating and completing practices that are aligned with your unique needs.

Included in the Extra Good Grief Release package:

  • Eight (8) x 60-minute Zoom sessions with Good Grief Doula within 120 days: These one-on-one sessions provide a safe and compassionate space for you to explore and express your grief. The Good Grief Doula offers guidance, empathy, and support tailored to your unique needs throughout the sessions.
  • Individualized creative “homework” in between sessions: To further support your healing journey, these exercises encourage self-reflection, creative expression, and provide additional avenues for processing and understanding your grief.
  • A culminating grief ritual, designed to build bridges with the deceased and support your on-going grief needs as you continue to find meaning and structure in life after loss.